Batt-Latch Pipe Gate Adapter 

This new bracket allows you to fit your Batt-Latch to any standard pipe gate.


We have just developed a new adapter for the Batt-Latch, which allows you to easily open or close a standard pipe gate. The adapter fits a Batt-Latch into the gate frame, with a spare chain hook. A new cam is fitted to the timer, which triggers the built-in latch at the programmed release time. This drops the spare gate chain, and the gate moves to the opposite position. The gate is pulled open or closed by a shock cord, spring, gas strut or inner tube (your choice).

This new latch can hold a load of up to 200kg, whereas the Batt-Latch gearbox is limited to 7kg. This means you can control steers, bulls, deer, or sheep behind heavier gates if you need to, using the timer.

OTHER USES: Break-feeding horses, feral deer and pig capture, securing free-range hens in their coops at night, border dyke irrigation timers.

NEW OPTIONS: We have developed a 5km range remote trigger option, see other product listings.

We stand firmly behind our NZ made product, and will always service older units promptly when needed. Use our standard credit terms to order yours now!

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