GrassMaster Pro Drymatter Instrument 

The GrassMaster Pro is a single-handed highly accurate and reliable electronic dry matter meter in the shape of a lightweight pasture wand.
GrassMaster Pro in paddock

Master Pro records the averaged dry matter (DM) in kgDM/ha (or lbDM/acre) for up to 800 paddocks. It does this using the highly accurate capacitance method. A low voltage electric field spreads out into the grass or forage near the base of the probe, and changes in this field are strongly related to the water mass nearby, and by difference to the dry matter of the material.

While there is a limited selection of grassland calibrations available, backed up by NZ and overseas research with cut-weigh-dry sampling, you can quickly derive your own equation for specific crops and seasonal conditions. Novel Ways have patented the quickest of these methods to allow users to help calibrate the GrassMaster probe at the start of the farm walk, within a few minutes.


Results can be sent directly to your computer using a USB cable, to our free GrassTrackTM software or other feed-budgeting programs, or Excel. Visit our Downloads Page for the free download.

GrassTrack Feedwedge

Feed-Wedge produced by the GrassMaster and GrassTrack TM

The GrassMaster Pro is very quick and easy to use, gives highly repeatable results, and suits any terrain and grass condition. It can be used in virtually any weather conditions. Our instrument uses the only technique suitable for standing forage in hilly terrain, on pugged pasture or stony ground, and is easy to carry around between paddocks or test plots.


The DM readings can be used to find the drymatter improvement from fertiliser applications, and to log the growth rate of new and established pastures. Being a quantitative measurement (not an eye-o-meter), you can record trends over the years, and between properties.


Most importantly, it lets you know without any doubt, the amount of feed ahead of your stock. As grass is your cheapest and most available crop generally, the GrassMaster Pro is a very cost-effective planning tool. Novel Ways manufacture and distribute this instrument worldwide, and provide backup support for all units if required.


Combine the accuracy of the GrassMaster Pro for drymatter quantity, with the NWL-32 Optical Brix meter for grass and crop quality measurements.   
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