Brix Meter Kit, Optical NWL-32 

This is a top quality optical refractometer with Temperature Probe and Grass Press.


Brix Kit

The NWL-32 will give a BRIX reading (range of 0-32% +/- 0.2%, for fruit , vegetables , GRASSES AND CROPS. Automatically temperature compensated. The method is already essential in the horticultural industry to find the dissolved sugar percentage (% sucrose by weight) of grapes and kiwifruit, etc.
NEW RESEARCH: This instrument complements biological farming. If you look after your soil properly, (encourage soil activity like worms, microbes, nitrogen fixing plants etc), the grasses and crops growing in it will increase their Brix reading over time, and this indicates the total percent solids dissolved in the plant juice or sap is increasing = more sucrose, fructans, salts etc in the crop. The Brix readings should equate to QUALITY of the measured item.

In the case of grasses, it is a guideline to the maturity, MJME and protein content of the grass. Google 'Brix' and 'biological farming' for a lot more detail. Private sector unpublished research shows strong links between improving the Brix of grasses and supplements for cows and ruminants, and their milk Brix or other outputs, and FARM PROFITS.

With the NWL-32, you grab a handful of grass sample at the appropriate time of the day (afternoon), knead and squash out 3 drops of juice with the supplied stainless grass press onto the optical cell, and view the reading through the eyepiece.

Average ryegrass has a Brix value (sugar activity) of 2-6% in the morning, and it usually rises to a reading of 8%-13% or so in the afternoon on a sunny day. Cows and ruminants love higher-Brix forage mixtures, and their general health markedly improves when eating it.

In the near future, you'll be able to tie these results into drymatter mass readings from our Grassmaster II instrument, and input data to Feedpad QA software (available here or from Livestock Targets).

12 month warranty, a tax invoice is supplied. A top quality stainless steel grass press, soil temperature probe and our measuring instruction manual is included.
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