Novel Ways Limited services the Batt-Latch, GrassMaster Pro and other products we sell.

Prototype Printed Circuit Board Service


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Electronic circuit design, analogue, digital, microprocessor and PC hardware

       Circuit board design

Printed circuit board design and manufacture with in-house production facilities. CAD & SMD technology, contract assembly.

  Printed circuit board design     Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Software design, embedded microcontroller code in Assembler and C, custom PC applications

  Software design   Embedded C Code

CAD and 3D Printing

  3D Printer    Batt-Latch in metal enclosure

Manufacturing to order (industrial products are a specialty).

  Industrial product manufacture   PCB Assembly


  • Contract manufacture and conventional manual assembly (small to medium runs).
  • Help with product packaging, custom plastic mouldings, powder coated metal enclosures, membrane keypads and adhesive overlays. Supply of materials, procurement.
  • Feasibility studies, documentation, development finance assistance, budgeting, analysis and reporting
  • Product concepts, brainstorming great ideas, cunning ingenuity and hard-earned experience combined with the latest technology