Prototype PCB Pricing

Ask about our same day service for small quantities.

Setup Costs:
Draw PCB artwork using Protel if required (per hour, quoted) $80.00/hr
Generate laser negative from Protel file $20.00 Single sided, $40.00 Double sided.
Organise negative film from paper artwork $60.00

PCB Base Costs:
For A4 sheet size or less, per sheet. This covers physical handling of board process steps (single or double sided). $25.00

PCB Area Costs:
A PCB is defined as all circuit space used on a sheet, and this covers the PCB material, solder and chemical costs.
Single sided (per cm²) 8c
Double sided (per cm²) 12c

Drilling Costs:
There is no fixed cost for drilling, as it is not an automatic operation. The cost is 5 cents per hole, which covers labour and the loss of drill bits. If your PCB uses only SMT, there is no drilling cost. Each change to a new drill size involves re-alignment, and costs $2.30 over the whole job.



Combine as much artwork as you can onto an A4 negative. This automatically reduces the base costs. If you require us to make up a sheet by doing multiple UV exposures of supplied negatives, each additional exposure will cost $3.50.

For runs using multiple A4 pages or equivalent sheets, we will discount the base costs as well.
3-5 sheets base costs less 15%
6-7 sheets base costs less 25%
8+ sheets base costs less 35%



If we receive your negative or file in the morning, urgent prototype boards can be despatched same day. Add one day for external negative generation. Larger PCB runs may take up to 5 working days.

Conditions of supply:

Prices do not include GST, and are for standard 1oz single or double-sided 1.6mm fibreglass board. We will give your job the prompt attention prototype PCBs deserve. Please make sure that your monthly account with us is "current", or we will simply not start on new work.

Guidelines for PCB layout:

  • When drawing out your PCB use thick tracks and large pads for best results.
  • The tracks and the spacing between them should follow the specifications below.
  • Pads should be at least 0.7mm larger than hole size, the pad for a 0.8mm hole should be at least 1.5mm(0.060").
  • We recommend rounded-rectangular pads, tracks can be run between them but they can be kept large for easy soldering.
  • If you do not specify hole sizes we will drill all holes to 0.8mm.
  • Always incorporate some text on the PCB to indicate which is the solder side (in Protel bottom layer needs to be reversed/mirrored).
  • Mark on it the corners of the board for guillotining (not the entire outline) and provide instructions if the board is not a standard rectangular shape.


Artwork for producing boards - format you supply:

  • Negative - no setup charges, no time delay
  • Protel (.PCB/.PCBDOC) files for laser printed negative - we produce negative, $20 cost (A4), no time delay, medium resolution
  • Protel (.PCB/.PCBDOC) file for film printed negative - we organise production, $40 cost (A4), one day delay, high resolution
  • Postscript file for film negative - we organise production, $40 cost (A4), one day delay
  • Paper - we organise negative, $40 cost (A4), one day delay

      Details of job - information we need to complete your job:

    • Name and contact phone number
    • Number of boards required
    • How quickly boards are needed
    • Drilling information
    • Any special instructions
    • Delivery method
        Protel (.PCB) or postscript files along with job details
        can be emailed to us: pcb@novel.co.nz

        PCB Specifications
        PCB Material - FR4 epoxy glass, 1.6mm thick and 1oz/sq.ft copper (other types available).

        • Maximum size - 250mm x 300mm (larger sizes by prior arrangement)
        • Hole sizes - from 0.6mm upward (0.8mm is standard)
        • Minimum track width and spacing (If finer tracks may be used, but results cannot be guaranteed.)
          • Film negative - 0.3mm/0.012" (0.4mm/0.015" preferred)
          • Laser-printed negative - 0.4mm/0.015" (0.5mm/0.020" preferred)
        • Minimum pad size - 0.7mm larger than hole size


          Non-prototype (production) PCBs
          Our PCB service is for fast turnaround prototypes and small runs. We do not offer mask, component overlay or PTH. Once a design is completed or is being produced in sufficient quantites, we can assist in the transfer of the PCB work to an Auckland supplier.


          PCB files (protel format please) may be sent by email direct to pcb@novel.co.nz or check out our contact page for our address and phone numbers.


          Click here for instructions on sending (attaching) files through email.