How to email PCB Files

Before you start, it is important to know exactly where the file is located on your computer. You can't attach something when you don't know where it is. To find files on your computer you can run a search by clicking 'Start', then 'Search'. Simply type in the name of your file and start the search. Write down or remember the location
e.g. C:/My Documents/PCB.pcb


  • Firstly, click here to open your email window.
  • Type in an appropriate subject for your email in the 'subject' box.
  • Type in your main message or letter in the large area of the email screen.
  • On the email toolbar click 'insert', then 'file'. This will give you a map of your computer.
  • Choose the file from your computer and then click the 'insert' button.
  • You can now click 'send' at the top left of the email. Some programs are configured differently and you may still have to open your email program and click 'Send and Receive'. This will ensure that the email has sent. Once sent it will appear in your 'Sent Items' folder.