GrassMaster Pro Upgrade 

For a more accurate and reliable measurement tool for pasture drymatter, you can upgrade your GrassMaster or GrassMaster II to a GrassMaster Pro at a greatly reduced price.

 Upgrade your GrassMaster II to a GrassMaster Pro


The GrassMaster Pro retains all the functionality of the GrassMaster II with the addition of:

• Two line backlit display

• USB port for downloads, with USB charge lead or mains USB charger

• Shock sensing data gathering

• Tuned pasture equation by inputting extra data at the start of each farm walk via a quadrat estimate method

• Can display the name of each paddock, and its area

• Easy to use GrassTrack software for your computer is bundled

• Can store up to 999 paddocks

These changes mean that the GrassMaster Pro can, and will, take accurate measurements on dry ground. It can also be operated from a quad bike, with care. The probe itself is interchangeable between the two devices, and has not been altered between the two iterations of the GrassMaster.


Included in the upgrade kit:

• USB charger and download lead
• GM Pro manual
• CD of GrassTrack software
• GM Pro Indicator module
• 24 month warranty


In 2014 Novel Ways released GrassTrack, free software for uploading/downloading paddock data to your GrassMaster device. Its features include feed wedge plotting, farm walk data archiving, spreadsheet exporting (e.g. to Excel), and more. GrassTrack supports all GrassMaster versions, and an installation CD is supplied with the upgrade kit. Free updates to both the GrassMaster and GrassTrack are provided automatically when launching GrassTrack, or can be accessed via the downloads page on our website.

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