Transmitter, 27MHz, 1Ch, 1W (FMT-312) 

12V 1Watt 27MHz Transmitter




3 versions available – 1-channel (FMT-312E), 2-channel (FMT-
31202E) and 4-channel (FMT-31204E)
1 Watt Transmitter with current consumption of 280mA
Long range – up to 3km
Specially programmed micro-controller
Durable alloy metal case

Pump Control Units
Long distance panic button
On/Off applications in agricultural devices
Security alarm systems
Basic Telemetry eg. Water level indication

The FMT-3… series has 3 versions - 1-channel (FMT-312E), 2-channel (FMT-31202E) and 4-channel (FMT-
31204E). No case versions are also available - 1-channel (FMT-312), 2-channel (FMT-31202) and 4-channel
(FMT-31204). The FMT-3… series has a 1-watt transmission with a current consumption of 280mA.
The FMT-3… series is designed to give a controlled range of up to 3km. The controlled operation can be any
electronic or electrical operated device when used with the FMR-… series of receivers.
The transmitter uses a specially programmed micro-controller, which ensures the highest reliability, low sleep
mode current (10uA) consumption and greater flexibility.
The FMT-312 transmitter is the PCB assembly only, while the FMT-312E transmitter is enclosed in an alloy
metal case.
External supply connection and SO239 antenna socket is provided with the transmitter.
The transmitter modes are user selectable by simply setting the 2-Way dip-switch on the transmitter board. 

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