8 Channel, 921-929MHz Kit 



This is one of many options we offer for a complete remote control setup.

The Kit Includes:
1 x MCT91508
8-Channel, 921-929MHz Transmitter with Frequency Hopping.
1 x MCTR91508SS
8-Channel, 921-929MHz Receiver with Frequency Hopping.
1 x ANT915S-N (slightly different to pictured)
921-929MHz 50 Ohms Antenna with SMA Connector.
Also shown in photo, but not included in kit price, is the 4 Channel remote.



• Eight channels with simultaneous channel transmission.
• Digital Coding,12-way dipswitch.
• Can operate several transmitters next to each other, with no interferences or jamming.
• Red light, indicates transmission, flashing light is flat battery (Battery at 6 volts).

•Frequency hopping between 921 to 929MHz
• Eight channels with simultaneous channel reception
• Digital Coding, 12-way dipswitch
•Crystal Controlled for high stability and accuracy
•Can operate several transmitters and receivers next to each other with no interferences or jamming
•On-board Red LED to indicate reception of a signal
• Four versions available. :
MCTR91508SS open collector output
MCTR91508SS-SMA open collector output and SMA antenna socket
MCTR91508R relay output
MCTR91508R-SMA : relay output and SMA antenna socket

•SMA antenna connector gives 3dB better performance, use for long range applications.
• Wide operating supply voltage 11.0 – 28 VAC or DC 

• This half wave coaxial dipole is completely ground independent.
• The term ground independent relates to its ability to be completely independent of the need for negative grounding. (Earth)
• This feature allows the antenna to work efficiently in a wide variety of applications, from its probable use on motor vehicles to one of the more difficult installations such as on fibreglass maritime vessels.
• All brass and PVC construction provides complete environmental and weather protection in the field.
• Full 3dBi gain
• LowSWR ( no tuning required )

Many other combinations are available.

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