4 Channel, 3Km, 27MHz Kit 



This is one of many options we offer for a complete remote control setup.
The Kit Includes:
1 x FMT-31204 - 27MHz Transmitter, 1W, 12V.
1 x FMR20412 - 27MHz Receiver with 4 Channels, 12 Volt Supply (24Volt also available).
2 x ANT27M - 27MHz 50 Ohms Antenna, ground independent with adjustable mount


• Works in the 27MHz band 
• Maximum reliability provided by Surface-Mount technology 
• High security by 12-way code switch, enabling 4096 codes


This system is compatible with the shorter range remotes we stock.

Many other combinations are available.

To see the full Elsema range range click  here.

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